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Additional Adventuring Companies

Khadoran Military Company:
The characters are a recognized contingent of military agents or specialists within the Khadoran army. They fight for The Motherland and have signed up out of legal duty or desire, to defend and honor the nation of Khador and the Mother Queen. They have achieved some notoriety in their accomplishments and find it easier to influence lower ranking officers and are respected among their peers and Khador civilians.

Requirements: Any character can belong to the company as it is a law that eligible Khadoran men of proper age sign up for mandatory military service despite their skill set. The group answers to, and must follow orders handed down from their commanding officer; failure to do so will result in military punishment or removal from the forces.

Benefits: The characters can purchase equipment from the military quartermaster at a discount of 10% of market (book) price (this applies to gear purchased with starting gold). Additionally each character within the Company gains the ability Defensive Line (pg. 160) as their experience working together has taught them how to fight together.

Adventuring Company

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