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Facing – A character’s facing in battle is determined by his models shoulder orientation. The 180 degrees arc in the direction its shoulders face defines the character’s front arc; the opposite 180 degrees defines his back arc.
Line of Sight (LOS) – Many situations such as charging and making attacks require a character to have line of sight to his intended target. Simply put, having line of sight means a character can see another character.


Full Advance – A character making a full advance moves up to his current speed (SPD) in inches.
Run – A character who runs during his turn advances up to twice his current SPD in inches.
Charge – A charging character rushes into melee and takes advantage of his momentum to make a powerful strike.
Base-to-Base (B2B) – Characters whose bases are touching are in base-to-base contact.
Pushed – When a character is pushed, he is moved, but he is not considered to have advanced.
Slammed – When a character is slammed, he is moved d6" directly away from the point of origin of the slam, usually his attacker, and is then knocked down.
Thrown – When a character is thrown, he is moved directly from the throw’s point of origin in a straight line to the point of impact described in the ability, spell, or attack.
Falling – A character who is slammed, thrown, pushed, or that otherwise moves off an elevated surface to another surface at least six feet (1") lower falls. A falling character is knocked down and suffers a damage roll.


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