Operation Winter

Adventure 1 Epilogue: Aurelia

Posted by Darth Krzysztof

Josephine found the frozen ground as hard as the Motherland herself, but in time, it yielded enough to her pickaxe and shovel to form a tiny grave.

She spared an occasional glance back over her shoulder at the fortress they’d secured. She still had an hour before daybreak; with any luck, she’d be done before her men awoke. Some part of her wanted to rush through this, to get back inside and curl up beside the fire. The moaning wind simply ignored her winter cloak to numb her every nerve… but she had a job to do, and she would never, could never, place her own needs before duty.

And Aurelia deserved better.

She laid her tools next to the hole and trudged back to the gate, stamping to return sensation back to her feet. A Nyss elf would think nothing of this misery, she thought for the hundredth time… but Josephine was an Iosan elf. And Llaelese. And Khadoran. Truth be told, she didn’t know what she was.

“I’m a soldier,” she muttered aloud.

She took a knee and carefully pulled the linen-wrapped bundle up, draping it over her shoulder. Josephine wasn’t very strong, but Aurelia’s months of malnutrition had left little of her to carry. The elf’s legs wobbled a bit as she stood and turned to bear the girl to her final resting place.


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