Pravo Ostavil

Skulky Secret Stealer


Pravo Ostavil
Male Skilled Human Thief Spy
Languages Khadoran, Cygnaran, Five Cant
Adventuring Company Khadoran Military Unit : “Filthy Five”
Deity Whomever You Revere

PHY 5; SPD 6; STR 4
AGI 5; PRW 5; POI 4
INT 3; ARC *; PER 4
Willpower 8 (PHY 5 + INT 3)

DEF 14 (6 SPD + 5 AGL + 4 PER - 1 EQUIPMOD)
ARM 11 (5 PHY + 6 ARMOR)
Initiative 15 (SPD 6 + PRW 5 + PER 4 + EQUIPMOD + OTHER)
Command Range 4 (INT 3 + COMMAND 1)
Damage Capacity 13
Physique 5; Agility 5; Intellect 3

Spd 6 in.
Melee Knife, Throwing: MAT 2d6+5, DMG 2d6+6 (POW + STR)
Ranged Knife, Throwing: Range 6", RAT 2d6+7, DMG 2d6+6 (POW + STR)

Archetype Benefits Skilled (gain an additional attack during Activation Phase), Virtuoso (Thrown Weapon; gain additional die on attack/damage rolls and drop the lowest die)
Military Skills: Thrown Weapon 2
Occupational Skills: Bribery (Social) 1, Command (Social) 1, Deception (Social) 2, Detection (PER) 2 (+6), Disguise (INT) 1 (+4), Escape Artist (AGI) 1 (+6), Lock Picking (AGI) 2 (+7; +8 w/ tools), Pickpocket (AGI) 2 (+7; +8 w/ tools), Rope Use (AGI) 1 (+6), Sneak (AGI) 2 (+7), Streetwise (PER) 2 (+6)

Abilities & Benefits: Battle Plan: Shadow, Conniver, Cover Identity, Defensive Line, Dodger, Language (Cygnaran), Prowl

Connections: Criminal (Korsk Families), Intelligence Network (Khadoran Security)

Starting Assets 175 gc, forged identity papers, thief’s tools (+1 lock picking & pickpocket)
Gear Throwing Knife (x5; 8 gc each)
Worn Equipment Custom Battle Armor (60 gc; -1 DEF, +6 ARM), Manacles (10 gc), Pocketwatch (25 gc), Spyglass (15 gc; +2 PER at a distance), 25 gc

Experience 4
Feat Points 2

XP Advancements
2 Detection 1 > 2, Streetwise 1 > 2
4 Ability – Prowl

Abilities and Benefits

Battle Plan: Shadow
Pravo can spend 1 feat point to use Battle Plan: Shadow. Using a battle plan is a quick action. When a character uses this battle plan, each friendly character who follows the character’s orders gains Prowl (p. 165) for one round.

Pravo is well-skilled in the arts of deception. He can reroll failed Bribery and Deception-based social skill rolls. Each roll can be rerolled only once as a result of Conniver.

Cover Identity
Pravo has an established cover identity with its own history, contacts, and criminal record (or lack thereof. His Disguise rolls while using his cover identity are automatically boosted. Choose a career for the cover identity (Bounty Hunter). The character gains one occupational skill at level 1 from the cover identity’s career (Rope Use). This ability can be taken multiple times. Each time, it applies to a different cover identity.

Defensive Line
While Pravo is B2B with one or more friendly characters, he gains +1 ARM. While the character is B2B with one or more friendly characters who also have this ability, the bonus increases to +2.

When Pravo is missed by an enemy attack, he can immediately advance up to 2" after the attack is resolved, unless he was missed wile advancing. He cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.

This ability can be taken multiple times. Each time Pravo takes this ability, he learns how to speak, read, and write a new language.

The character is virtually invisible while in the shadows or in terrain that grants a degree of concealment. The character gains stealth while within terrain that provides concealment, the AOE of a spell that provides concealment, or the AOE of a cloud effect.

A character with stealth is extremely difficult to spot and target. Non-spray ranged and magic attacks declared against a character with stealth when the point of origin for the attack is more than 5" away automatically miss. A character with stealth is not an intervening model when determining line of sight from a character greater than 5" away.

Height: 5’11" Weight: 170 lbs. Age: 28
Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark, Tousled Skin: Pale

Somewhat short for a Khadoran, Pravo has capitalized on his unremarkable appearance.

Pravo and his brother Pechal grew up on the streets of Korsk among the countless orphans whose fathers died in service to the Motherland. Their mother died young and the boys managed to fend for themselves by thieving and manipulating charity organizations. They were conscripted as pickpockets by a low-level enforcer for the Korsk Families, an organized crime syndicate in the Kharodan capital, and thus began their education in proper crime.

Years later, KhadSec tapped the criminal element to acquire certain supplies from the Llaelese and pave the way for Khador’s invasion of Llael. Pravo was tasked with one of these key missions and when things went sideways, he managed to turn failure into success. For his talents and competence, he was then “poached” from the Korsk Families by KhadSec and put to work more directly for the good of the Motherland.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t save the rest of his team, including his brother, a loss that still haunts him. This keeps him loyal to the crime bosses that were grooming him for their own ends. They take advantage of Pravo’s new position and contacts whenever possible. He feeds them intel that they can parlay into profit.

His usefulness as a field agent has so far outweighed the potential liability he presents. Currently, he has been sent to the Hammer to help out with a particular mission…

Pravo is soft-spoken and quick with a self-deprecating smile. He drinks to forget the death of his brother, but is a consummate professional while on the job.

“I am specialist.” -in annoyance, if referred to as a “soldier.”


“Double Agent” -Rush
“Underdog” -Lacuna Coil




Pravo Ostavil

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