Josephine Durand

Disgraced Iosan Duelist / Military Officer


Josephine Durand
Female Skilled Iosan Duelist Military Officer
Languages Khadoran, Llaelese, Shyr (barely)
Adventuring Company Khadoran Military Unit: “Filthy Five”
Deity Scyrah

PHY 5; SPD 6; STR 4
AGI 5; PRW 5; POI 5
INT 4; ARC —; PER 3
Willpower 9

Initiative 14 (SPD + PRW + PER + EQUIPMOD + OTHER = TOTAL)
Command Range 8 (INT + COMMSKILL + OTHER = TOTAL)
Damage Capacity
Physique 5; Agility 4; Intellect 4

Spd 6 in.
Melee 1 Sword: MAT 7, DMG 7 (POW + STR)
Melee 2 Dagger: MAT 8, DMG 5 (POW + STR)
Ranged 1 Repeating Pistol: Range 8", RAT 7, POW 10

Skills: Command 2, Detection 1, Gambling 1, Hand Weapon 2, Intimidation 1, Jumping 1, Medicine 1, Navigation 1, Pistol 2

Abilities & Benefits: Ambidextrous, Battle Plan: Call to Action, Defensive Line, Gunfighter, Natural Leader, Parry, Riposte, Team Leader, Two-Weapon Fighting

Connections: none

XP 4

Worn Equipment sword, dagger, 2 repeating pistols, 20 light rounds, winter cloak, custom battle armor or officer’s uniform

Feat Points 3

Battle Plan: Call to Action: Josephine can spend 1 feat point to use Battle Plan: Call to Action. Using a battle plan is a quick action. When Josephine uses this battle plan, each friendly character who is in her command range who is under her command and is knocked down immediately stands up or goes prone.

Defensive Line: While Josephine is B2B with one more more friendly characters, she gains +1 ARM. While she is B2B with one or more friendly characters who also have this ability, the bonus increases to +2.

Gunfighter: Josephine does not suffer a -4 penalty on ranged attack rolls with pistols or carbines while engaged.

Natural Leader: Josephine increases her command range by 2".

Parry: While armed with a hand weapon, Josephine cannot be targeted by free strikes.

Riposte: Once per round when Josephine is missed by an enemy’s melee attack, immediately after the attack is resolved she can make one normal attack against the attacking enemy. To make a ranged attack, her ranged weapon must be loaded.

Skilled: Josephine gains an additional attack during her Activation Phase if she chooses to attack that turn.

Team Leader: When Josephine gains a feat point, instead of keeping it herself, she can give it to another character currently in her command range.

Two-Weapon Fighting / Ambidextrous: While fighting with a one-handed weapon or pistol in each hand, Josephine gains an additional attack for the second weapon. Josephine does not suffer the normal -2 attack roll penalty with a second weapon while using the Two-Weapon Fighting ability.

Height: 5’6" Weight: 120 lbs. Age: ?
Eyes: Green Hair: Black Skin: Pale

Josephine op

Josephine Durand has the pale skin and angular features common to Iosans, but speaks with a Llaelese accent. Her wiry build suggests a swimmer or a gymnast. She commonly keeps her shoulder-length black hair in a simple ponytail, and never wears it to hide the points of her ears. Most people would describe the green of her large eyes as “cold.”

She wears custom battle armor with a winter cloak in the field, with elven blades and repeating pistols at her hips. Her officer’s uniform is always crisp and immaculate, her boots gleaming.

Josephine was born in Llael to Iosian parents who gave Josephine a Llaelese name, hoping this would make it easier for her to blend in. Her mother died while Jo was still very young, leaving her father to raise her. As soon as she was old enough to handle blades, Jo began her study of the Iosan two-weapon fighting technique called rysso-lorr. She broke with her father’s wishes by studying the pistol instead of the bow.

When Khador invaded Llael, Josephine drew the attention of Oleg Sokolov, an aristocratic soldier who took her on as his personal duelist, to avenge any and all slights to his honor. As Sokolov was not a particularly honorable man, this kept her very busy. Even after Sokolov pulled some strings to make Jo an officer in the Anvil, he kept calling upon her to protect his reputation.

Deciding that further advancement would take her away from the action, and that she couldn’t stand Sokolov for another minute, Josephine took matters into her own hands after trouncing a lout who called the virtue of Sokolov’s young trophy wife, Nastassia, into question – by taking Nastassia to bed herself. Only Josephine’s intimate knowledge of Sokolov’s wrongdoings, and Khador’s desperate need for every able-bodied soldier available, kept Jo from being thrown out of the service (or worse) when they were caught.

Instead, she has been demoted, transferred from the Anvil to the Hammer, and assigned to the “Filthy Five.”

Fiercely loyal to Khador, Josephine takes pride in her work, but won’t kiss up to anybody, confident that her service will speak for itself. She has tolerated mistreatment in the name of solidarity in the past, but even her endurance has its limits, as Oleg Sokolov learned.

Jo’s only regret about the whole affair was getting caught. It pleases her that the scandal affected Sokolov’s career, though hardly to the degree it affected her own. She felt a real connection with Nastassia, though, and some part of her still wishes they could be together.

Duty is everything to Josephine. Those who agree will find her a devoted comrade; she has no time for those who don’t. Truth be told, Jo doesn’t know how to be anything but a soldier. She knows very little of Iosan culture, and has difficulty behaving in a ‘feminine’ fashion.

She is extremely private about her childhood and her faith, and has never told anyone why her parents left Ios.


Theme Song: Sour Times, by Portishead

Father (deceased?)
Mother (deceased)


Adventure 1 Epilogue: Aurelia


Portrait by Darth Krzysztof

Josephine Durand

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