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Konstantin looked over the newest group of grunts, scanning for any sign of promise among them. He had come to the training camp in his off time to visit an old friend, and had been asked to say something to the assembled recruits that were fresh off the boat this morning. He was more a man of action than a speaker, but he knew it was an opportunity to make the right first impression.

“Why is it that you are here today, I wonder? For most of you, it is because you are required to serve. Some of you think it is the path to fame and glory, and it can be that. Others truly want to do their duty, and those men and women will bring honor to the Motherland. However, I would say to you that even that is not enough. For you will find that you have no idea what it is to serve until the blood starts flowing. At that moment you will understand. And if you are very very lucky, you will learn that you were made for this as I am.

The reason I am here is because there is nowhere I’d rather be and nothing I would rather do. This is the life I was made for, and I care little for anything else. My purpose is to kill… in order to protect.

I spend my mornings clearing the battlefield of ‘forced conscripts’ a dozen at a time, because they lack any desire to struggle for their miserable lives.

I spend my midday putting the ‘glory seekers’ into the ground, because they lack the focus to maintain clarity in the chaos of war.

I spend my afternoons grinding the ‘honor and duty bound’ under my boot, because even they cannot even begin to defend against the onslaught that is a true soldier.

I am the true spirit of Khador.

I am war incarnate.

I am Iron Fang."


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